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The Trissen, designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1962 for Kold's Sawmill, Kerteminde, was created with the idea that children do not sit still for two minutes.

They get up, stand on the chair, and then it topples over.


The result is Trissen, which can be turned, rolled and stacked, and used for the rest of its life.

Every part of Trissen is handmade by skilled cabinetmakers and stands as a beautiful example of Nanna Ditzel's organic style and her understanding of Danish furniture tradition.


Trissen is made from hand-sorted wood and is available in beech, oak, ash and smoked oak.
Oiled, soap-treated or lacquered.


Also stained in the following colours: blue, burgundy, grey, yellow, white, charcoal, purple, lime, mint, moss green, orange, pink, red, black, turquoise and vanilla.


Dimensions ND 118


D:  40 cm

H: 78 cm

Trisse Bar Stool ND 118 by Nanna Dietzel