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A vase in press glass designed by Norwegian design studio  Anderssen & Voll.


The name points at one of the core values of Nedre Foss – we make solid objects with one material running throughout a continuous shape. The stretched and narrow footprint of Monoblokk makes it a perfect fit for window sills and shallow shelve.


Making a symmetrical shape in blown glass is an exercise already done by thousands of craftspeople for literally thousands of years. From a designer’s point of view it’s a bit like designing a stackable chair in plywood and steel tube; it feels hard to be original and you quickly run into the limitations of the material.  


That is why leaving axial symmetry behind and deciding on press glass as a manufacturing technique, was really liberating to this process. 

The inspiration were gathered from glass panels, aquariums and concrete road dividers.


Approximately 2200g of high-grade silicate glass.



H 170 mm, W 204 mm, D 75 mm.

Monoblokk by Nedre Foss