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Hejnum coffee table belongs to G.A.D's signature products and is characterized by its beautiful proportions and "floating" boards in stone or wood.

The first versions of Hejnum coffee tables were designed by Kristian Eriksson as early as 2001, with the aim of creating a series of tables that combine a light and airy design language with the weight and soul of the solid materials. Only a few updates have been made since then and the Hejnum coffee table, which today consists of four models, continues to be a contemporary and appreciated classic that fits in many environments.

The base of the Hejnum tables is made of solid birch or oak and for that you choose a top plate in Gotland limestone, Scanian diabase or matching woods. The production takes place in our carpentry in Hemse on Gotland and each table is signed by the responsible carpenter.

Hejnum Lounge table

SKU: Aa0123