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A beautifully designed bookshelf system. Högklinte makes the perfect backdrop in your home office or as a standout piece in your living room or library. 

You adjust the size of the shelf compartments by placing shelves and sides at both height and side according to what you are going to store in the shelf. You can also supplement with drawers. From the smallest shelf size of 8.5 cm, you can really tailor both horizontally and vertically! 8.5x8.5 cm is a perfect measure to create order in your wine collection. From the shelf size 29.5 cm and up, we help you  create your own tailor made library.

Choose if you want a back piece. Choose legs or base. Select height. Högklint is available in two heights: 229 and 103 cm with legs that can be shortened if a slightly lower height is desired (with a plinth, the furniture will be 7 cm lower than the equivalent with legs).

Choose type of wood: Solid birch or oak. Then choose the size, number of shelves, partitions and drawers, etc. The lower Högklint is delivered with a top plate.

The shelf is delivered in parts and assembled on site. It is important to point out that it can be supplemented and expanded in the future when e.g. the book collection grows and similar needs arise.Legs and plinth are retracted at the rear edge so that, despite any baseboards, they come close to the wall.

All parts are in solid birch or oak. The birch is white oiled or soaped and the oak oiled or soaped in two layers and intermediate sanded by hand.

Högklint Bookshelf

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