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Ceremonial sword with scabbard. Originated from Matakam, Ndjeny, Cameroon

Made of Iron, wood, leather.



H 54 cm.
 Zimmer Coillection, Switzerland


Ceremonial weapons are distinguished by their careful manufacture and decorative design, e.g. the ornamentation with valuable materials such as copper, bronze, ivory or fur.


Their original function is thus limited, so that their use as fighting weapons is no longer in the foreground. Rather, they signalised the social status and power of the wearer and were thus rather weapons of cult, pageantry, dignity and status which were also used in barter trade.


Further reading:
Ethan Rider (2021). 100 African Blades from 55 Collections. San Francisco: J. M. Fogel Media.

Ceremonial sword with scabbard