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Northling proudly presents G.A.D. Furniture. Masterclass modern furniture, made on the Swedish Island Gotland, in the Baltic Sea. Gotland is an adventure, with its chalk stone magical landscape, its mediveal capitol city Visby, and its almost mediteranian climate. Its worth a travel. 

20 years ago IT-entrepreneur Kristian Eriksson broke up from Stockholm, and moved to Gotland to create his own adventure. 

G.A.D. Furniture is furniture how it should be made. No compromizes, no short-cuts, notthing hidden. Kristian and his team makes world-class furniture, made to last for generations.

Their design is unique, but timeless. Light, well designed, but still very comfortable - G.A.D. pieces fits in in any interior setting. Following the long and rich Scandinavian furniture tradition, G.A.D. is another star on the furniture heaven. All materials are carefully selected, using local materials of highets possible quality. 

Every piece of furniture is hand-made, with craftmannship techniques that hardly any other furniture producers still use. Every joint is visable, and creates art by its own. No details overlooked, and every piece comes signed by the craftsman who made it.

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