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Carl Hansen & Søn (Denmark)

Iconic design is a combination of simplicity, aesthetics and functionality brought to life through skillful work with the highest quality materials. 

For over 100 years, Carl Hansen & Son have specialized in providing the outstanding furniture craftsmanship that brings visionary design concepts to life.


A family-owned business established in 1908 found its success founded on two core ideas: an uncompromising commitment to the finest craftsmanship, and alliances with exceptional designers who continually reinvent and refine the concept of modern design.


Carl Hansen & Søn’s produces furniture made by one of the greatest designers of all time: Hans J. Wegner.


The creative partnership began in 1949, when Carl Hansen’s son Holger Hansen took a chance on the then-unknown designer, and Wegner developed a successful furniture series that included the now-iconic Wishbone Chair. 


This collaboration and the many that followed demonstrated what can be achieved when unprecedented design and uncompromising production come together. 


In the 1950s, Wegner emerged as a driving force in the international success of the Danish Modern design movement. He has since become Carl Hansen & Søn’s best known and bestselling designer, his works becoming widely recognized as modern classics and treasured collector’s items around the world – and his legacy remaining an essential part of the company’s DNA. 


Today, Carl Hansen & Søn continues to work closely with the Hans J. Wegner Studio and is the world’s largest producer of Wegner’s furniture, manufactured in Denmark.

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