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Architectmade, (Denmark)

“One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can ruin quite a lot of happiness with bad ones.”

Finn Juhl

Built to last. Born to be passed on.

Danish  ARCHITECTMADE is founded on the  mission to create crafted, elegant, and simple products, serving as a reminder in today’s fast-changing world, that quality is still timeless. Since 2004  the company encompasses a continuously growing collection of home accessories, from the most renowned danish architects and designers of all times. 

We are moving away from impulsive consumerism culture and celebrating products that last. The kind of products you never get bored to look at: created using exceptional craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, made to stand the test of time. 

More than a collection. A philosophy.

Architectmade scourses archives, museums and drawings to catch a glimpse of rare design objects that some of the leading architects created many years ago, on their way to fame. 

In collaboration with some of the most acclaimed architects of our time they reveal what makes for mastery, along with discovering emerging talents to create pieces that can be passed on for generations.


Hand-selected. Handcrafted.

Each piece from their collection is carefully paired with selected craftsmen specialising in distinctive production, that the products demand. Adhering  to precise craftsmanship, ensuring that each detail is executed to the standard of ARCHITECTMADE, every step of the way.

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