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About Us

Northling specializes in collecting, curating and selling high quality products, rare antiques, handmade furniture, ceramics, lightning and interior design.

Image by Sam Moqadam

 Antique furniture adds dimensions to an interior.

Its sustainable.

Its creates stories for you to tell your guests. It brings contrast to often very minimalistic home architecture, and well crafted furniture pieces are there to stay.

Generation after generation. 

 Sustainability should also be your guideline when sourcing new furniture. Where and how it is made, is more important than the price tag. Buying items that will last, and become treasured furniture pieces for generations is a far better choice than short lived cheap pieces.

Acquiring new furniture is often a big investment that requires a little extra.


It is good sustainability and good long-term economy to invest in design furniture of high craftsmanship quality. Furniture by skilled and well-known designers provides lasting values ​​that can be inherited between generations.


A distinctive piece of furniture adds beauty and comfort to the home and will create good memories and stories between the generations. If the design classic is not inherited by the next generation, the furniture will have a great sales value at auctions and at second-hand dealers. It will therefore always pay to invest in good design and good craftsmanship.

Wooden Coffee Table

The gallery displays carefully selected antiques and vintage and modern furniture, mainly from Scandinavia, contemporary living design objects, studio ceramics, modern works of art and artworks of the 20th century, mixed with good objects from all over the world.

Image by Sam Moqadam

We value originality, good design and wherever possible untouched pieces. Our antiques we will buy without apology from the 17th to 21st century and enjoy the mixture of objects it creates together with modern pieces.

Our main idea is to present our inventory as it actually is in a home. 

We sell antiques, vintage design and modern furniture from selected scandinavian producers.

Our services includes interior design projects, furniture sourcing and consultancy for our custoumers to realize their own personal touch in their home interior design.

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